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"Perfectly Frank: A Century of Sinatra"
Starring Sal Viviano

Friday, June 28th at 8:00PM

Tickets $49-$59

While defining the musical style of what's been called "The Greatest Generation", Frank Sinatra individually influenced American Popular Music and Culture with his enduring signature sound, his definitive phrasing, and his extraordinary musicality; all of which remain immediately identifiable today… Perfectly FRANK is a fully arranged, multi-media Celebration of the SINATRA Songbook and of the life and musical legacy of this great American Icon, over the past Century plus, since his birth in 1915. Singing the tunes made famous by Sinatra, while also offering a compellingly personal, insightful, and humorous commentary, is veteran Broadway Star, Recording Artist, and Concert Headliner, SAL VIVIANO who also worked with and recorded for many of the Songwriters whose songs Sinatra popularized.

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