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Ben Stein


Every great story has a hometown hero and this production is no exception! Ben is a 4th generation Babylonian and super excited to be on board for this adventure. Ben worked in this building from 2003-2009 when it was a movie theater, otherwise his work experience is primarily focused in operations and customer service.

Ben’s interest in musical theater comes from seeing many productions as a child and visiting his grandmother at the pit, during intermission. His grandmother, Marjorie Ewald, was an oboe and English horn specialist that was accepted into the prestigious Julliard School when she was 12 years old. She performed on Broadway productions in the pit for 35 years. Ben is a novice saxophone player himself but hopes to get himself back up to speed in the future.

As Box Office Manager & House Manager of The Argyle, Ben is here to make sure your experience before, during and after the show, is a memorable one.

Ben Stein
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