Joplin’s Pearl

Featuring Amber Ferrari
Performance Date: July 17, 2021 – 8:00 pm

The cymbal crashes...the bass thunders...the keys rain in...the guitar wails out...the spotlight is fired up...     
...and Amber bursts onto the stage!

For the next couple of hours you are treated to a rare breed of performer whose powerful vocal range along with her non-stop energy and brilliant costume changes will have you  cheering and dancing along to the beat.

Amber has taken Joplin's Pearl to a level of a full theater production.  Authentic attire, a nine-piece band, and Amber's paramount tribute to the very heart and soul of Janis Joplin will bring you back to the Summer of Love.

Estimated Running Time – 2h 30min 

Recommended Ages  Mature 12 and Up